My yoga practice and spiritual practice habits have evolved and improved because of Suresh’s sensitive listening and instruction. His present-time-consciousness is reassuring and refreshing . I have been working with him since early 2013 and have spent about 50 separate days with him at Brahma yoga in Kovalam. If you are in Kovalam, make sure you set aside time for a session or two or three or ten.

Amelia Case – Subject Matter Expert in Alternative Medicine; Chiropractic Doctor – Chicago, US

We’ve never experienced yoga like this. And we are changed because of it. Loving your body – YOUR BODY – it’s a concept that will resonate forever. No one else can fix it. Only you. Or in my case me.

Suresh opened our eyes. Our heart. Our soul. Our understanding. Our being.


Dylan and Michael x

Dylan & Michael – London, UK

I met Suresh by chance, he traveled to Europe, my wife met him for Yoga and he helped her to get rid of a shoulder pain, I was suffering of a shoulder pain too (impingement) so I was suspicious what he could do for me – and I met a friend. The shoulder pain disappeared, but Suresh was more than a man who heals painful joints, he became a confidential friend, a teacher, a wise man and I am very grateful that we met each other. To be together with him seems as if one is in a time, which has no limitation, which has only one aim: to be together in the here and now. Without planning, without pressure, as if a kind hand is resting on you and you can allow that something is happening without resistance. You feel at home, every moment is OK and you are safe. There is kindly friendship and brotherly love. My life is changing, I have less fixed opinions. I am more open for new experiences. I must not be this or that – I can change. The development is slowly but I can feel it. My spirituality has become more liberal. And I do my Yoga with pleasure. I am very happy and thankful for this warmhearted friendship.

Heinz Vater – General Practitioner – Koblenz, Germany

A friend introduced me three years ago to Suresh. My first lesson with him was amazing: He cured my shoulder pain that I had for more than one year. During the last three years I have participated in various workshops of Suresh in Europe. In February 2016 I came for the second time to Kovalam and had individual lessons with Suresh. The talks with him are living philosophy lessons. Suresh lead me with Asanas, Pranayama and working with the Chakras to more peace and inner balance in life. In his presence it is easy just to be yourself . I am very grateful for all the experiences with him, for his patience and his open heart.

Monika Knopp-Vater – Family and Couple Therapist – Koblenz, Germany

Suresh is a Guru because he is able to remove darkness. His teachings about all practices and the philosophy are deep and beautiful and the studio is a wonderful peaceful place.

Kerstin Degen – Landscape Architect and Artist – Koblenz, Germany