What We Do

BrahmaYoga is not another new style of Yoga. It is Yoga as it was originally designed to work, for you.

Each session is tailored to suit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual demands of the participant. And so, there is no one-size-fits-all course on offer either.

The teachings are fundamentally based on the traditions of Yoga like the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. This, combined with the wisdom gurus shared over the years with Suresh and the experiences gained from his practice, forms a rich source of credible knowledge. Of course, this involves core elements of Yoga:

Asanas to make the body flexible, strong, balanced, disease free, relaxed thereby making it friendly with us

Pranayama (flow of Prana, life energy, through breath) to remove the blocks in Pranic flow and to balance it

Dhyana (meditation) to settle and clear the mind and make it concentrated effortlessly

The right mix of these combined with the right knowledge of life – the right understanding of the purpose and priorities of life – takes one to a degree of higher confidence and freedom.

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