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Break the chain


Break the chain!

The situation around the world now needs urgent initiatives to break the chain of spread

of the virus.

At the same time the situation is affecting us mentally too.

Stress about what is going to happen; the stress and fear about dealing with an unseen opponent. As you know it creates problems in the body - the stress will affect our immune system very much and then we will be more vulnerable.

We have to break this chain too.

The mind affecting the immune system; the pranic system and thereby affecting the body, making it more weak.

We have to break this chain.

The right ways of equipping the mind, breath and body to deal with this situation is very much needed.

The right asanas, effective pranayama and the resultant meditativeness brings more clarity to act. Time to do more yoga.

As Pathanjali rightly said:

Atha yoganusasanam

Time for yoga.

To equip ourselves better to face this unprecedented situation.

More yoga!

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