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Meditation is not an action but a result


Yoga and meditation we hear this usage a lot.

Actually meditation or meditativeness is one of the highest goals of yoga.

It is not outside yoga it is a result of the practices we do in yoga.

How the gross body and semi subtle breath can influence the subtle mind or the other around is actually the formula of the practice of Yoga.

Moving the gross body to release the heaviness from it is the purpose of asana and moving the breath thereby releasing the blocks in the pranic level, in the life flow in us. Smooth flow of life energy in us will result in the release of tensions and heaviness in the mind - when the mind is cleared and more light the relaxed and focused awareness that happens as a result is meditativeness.

So meditation is not an act it is a result of what we do.

The right actions bring the right results.

So the right asanas and right pranayama will bring the right state of inside.

Settled clear and calm.

This stage is called meditativeness, meditation.

Yoga is that state.

yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha

Being meditative, in union, Yoga.


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