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Safe Yoga for Beginners 1


Staying our home, in our small space, locked down but we should not lock down inside us.

We should be more free there more flexible there in our movements there: in our body in

your breath in your mind otherwise you will feel heavy everywhere, dark everywhere.

We have to move from heaviness to lightness: from darkness to light.

Movements are essential-the right movements.

So we'll have a simple set of movements, moving the body and breath there by moving something inside us. We will see how we can make it.

Those who have disc problems and severe lower back, neck problems, be careful when you do this. You know your problems so, you be careful.

I'll show you the movements.

Sitting down for a long time will make the back heavy and tight. So we have to get out from here to an animal position, the Dog position. On your palms, on your knees and on your toes.

And relax the spine. When you relax the spine, see that the heaviness is dropped in. The lower back is dropped in so the tail end of the spine is up. The tail is up. So that is an animal, the dog with the tail up, free tail and a free head. Two ends of the spine free. Breathe in.

And reverse the spine by bringing the tail down between the legs and the head between the shoulders. Breathe out. Spine is arched back.

Breathe in relax the spine and relax your abdomen.

Tail up and head up.

Breathe out, tail down, head down. Pull your abdomen in, breathe out.

Breathe in, tail up, head up.

Don’t try to be perfect in that position just move. Start moving.

3 to 5 times.

After that stretch out to one of your legs. To the heel of the leg.

And relax the spine. The stretch is there in the Achilles tendon, the calf muscle, behind the knee and in the hamstrings. See all of that up to the hamstrings and relax the spine. Keep breathing.

Bring it back and stretch to the other leg. The same stretch behind the leg relax the spine. You can stay in this position for three to five breaths.

keep breathing normaly. Bring it back.

Relax the spine back to the dog position once again and flatten the feet behind you and drop back and drop forward. Breathe out and relax.

The child’s pose, Sasankasana.

stay in this position as long as you feel like and then sit back up in this position Vajrasana.

If you have no problem sitting like this you can do like this otherwise sit in a comfortable position.

I'll show you this once again, this set of movements once again, without instructions.

Start with breathing in.

And after this you can just sit back relax in your comfortable position

Position. Use a cushion if you want.

And stay and watch your body, your breath and feel how are you.

Sit as long as you feel like in the state of energized body, deep breath and calm inside.

The ideal combination:: energized body, deep breath and calm mind will help us

to go through the situation outside.

All the best, take care, thank you!

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