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Six Aspects of Life

Updated: May 7, 2020


Welcome back.

Today we will discuss six aspects of life and in the coming sessions we will see how to practice them on our mats. How to cultivate them with the practice so that we can have them in our life: because Yoga is life practice.

Six principles of life!

The first one is grounding. Rooting. How to feel more grounded, rooted, safe and settled in our life…how to have those energies of grounding and settlement: how to cultivate them with our practice. This principle and practice should match. So this is the first idea- grounding! The practice we will discuss in the coming sessions.

The second one is expansion. Reaching out: how to reach out from the basis of grounding inside us. Feeling safe and reaching out- the second idea. Reach out to the ideas of life, to the people in your life, to the society, to the world, feeling safe. That safety aspect cultivated within us. So, safety and expansion-reaching up.

The third is Upliftment: How to feel the upliftment in our life, to reach up to your goals, fulfilling them from the basis of grounding and expansion. the third idea- reaching up!

The fourth one is empowerment. How to empower these three ideas: how to be more powerful in your grounding: in strength and flexibility. How to be stronger when you reach out and flexible at the same time. A let go aspect should be there. How to reach to your goals, go for your goals with more flexibility in that. Of course with the strength of it. So, empowerment in both ways, strength and flexibility.

And the fifth one is balance. Harmony! With all the three first ideas strong and flexible with the fourth idea of empowerment, how we can feel more harmonious more in balance with our life: the fifth idea.

The sixth is integration. How being more grounded, expanded, uplifted, empowered and balanced will make us more of an integrated person, more integrity in us. How to make that.

So, these six principles of grounding, reaching out, going up, empowerment, harmony and integration. These principles, how we can practice them one by one in the coming sessions.

Thank you

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